Greenwich Table Clock by Incantesimo Design

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The Greenwich Meridian or Prime Meridian is equal to zero. The longitude line passes through the Greenwich Observatory in England. 

Greenwich clock on support takes the shape of an armillary sphere, which was invented by the Greeks already in III century B.C. and used as an observation instrument for the sky. In the Greenwich observatory, there is an armillary sculpture exposed, representing the peak of wisdom and knowledge.

The support is created in transparent methacrylate, chromium-plated brass and lacquered MDF. The possibility of manual rotation and inclination. The cut and engraving are carried out with high-tech, computerized devices.

DESIGNERS: Incantesimo Design

DIMENSIONS: 24CM (W) x 33CM (D) x 45CM (H)

MATERIALS: Transparent methacrylate, chromium-plated brass and lacquered MDF

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